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About Me


 (Yes, I know that was lame, but I couldn’t resist)

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My name is Joe and I am a public librarian.  I have some two years experience working in public libraries, am experienced providing reference and readers advisory services, instructing patrons in the use of e-readers, Corel Draw x7, and 3D printers (we have two 5th generation Makerbot Replicators). I also plan, promote, and implement library programs including a very popular Minecraft build challenge and adult coloring program, as well as collaborating with library staff on larger events such as Winnetka-Northfield’s “One Book Two Villages” program. Additionally, I have supervised a number of popular book discussions, created book displays, as well as bibliographies and readlists.  I also have some experience in with genealogy and cataloging, but mainly I’ve been focused on the reference/technical side of things!

I’m a bit of a pop culture nerd, love reading both nonfiction and fiction, as well as graphic novels, and have a well developed knowledge of different authors and series, from the Genius Files and Arwen Dayton’s brilliant Seeker to the seeming never-ending stream of books turned out by the likes of James Patterson and Debbie Macomber. Currently, I am reading Along the Infinite Sea: A Novel by Beatriz Williams and Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, along with having holds on almost half-a-dozen other titles.  I am a strong believer in ongoing professional development.  I subscribe to Public Library Magazine and follow a number of professional blogs such as Earlyword and Tame the Web, in addition to attending webinars, to keep up with current trends and add to my skill set.

I often have a unique take on the field, the office environment, and thought that it might be worth blogging about, both to help others who are looking to get into the field and to also serve as a record of my experiences as I grow professionally.


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